Thursday, 12 March 2015

Further studies at the German university Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Feeling extremely proud of having made it into the Uni Goethe. Preparing for quite a demanding German proficiency test in only a few weeks' time was not an easy task, nor was it easy to get over the hurdles of the German application system for foreigners and actually qualify for the programme I chose. After months of frantic nail biting over the whole process I finally got positive results, having not only been accepted but also passed my tests with flying colours. And so my sleepless nights finally come to an end and the dream begins!
Ich möchte mich bei meinen deutschen Freunden herzlich bedanken, die sich an dem Prozess beteiligt haben; entweder durch viel Motivation oder dadurch, dass sie den einen oder anderen Text gelesen und verbessert haben. Ihr seid spitze!

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