Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Unwritten Rules of Texting

Why, in times like these, when four out of five people have replaced much of live table chatting or old-fashioned GF-BF phoning by texting - mind you, even texting as we knew it has already changed after smartphones came along, having been largely replaced by Whatsapp or the likes of it  - it is paramount that we learn some sort of writing etiquette.
Actually, we're used to reading people's body and facial gestures or even voice intonation as part of what they're trying to convey when they speak. Signals such as rolling one's eyes when they're bored, which in combination with a sentence such as 'yeah, yeah, I'm really looking forward to our holidays with my aunt and cousins in the countryside this Summer,' will express sarcasm. Even though many of these signals are now expressed by our beloved emoticons, people will still blunder more often than not. The odds of your getting through in some sort of unwanted way through writing are much higher than they used to be, so sit back and learn some tips on the subject of texting.  =/      ........ no, no, I meant  =),  or actually  =D=D=D

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