Sunday, 18 January 2015

Peter Singer on practical altruism.

If you've ever wanted to give charitably but never knew to whom you should give, for what cause or whether you should trust this or that institution, you'll be provided with straightforward guidance in this video.

If you think you are a single giver and it won't make a difference, you're absolutely wrong! If you think you can't do it now, what with your limited resources and all, that's fine - same here, buddy. However, people who have first worked their way up in their professions and then started doing charity (which isn't limited to donating amounts of money, but also taking up voluntary work) are also mentioned here.

Singer's lecture is stirring and he has shown me ways to effectively help people who are faced with daily suffering and even death somewhere out there. I'd always asked myself the very (practical) questions he brings up here and I'm now very satisfied to have found the answers to them. Really worth watching.

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