Friday, 9 November 2012


Yesterday was an amazing evening: One of the best concerts I've ever been to. Here, at Sala São Paulo, we had a beautiful concert with the soprano Renée Fleming and THE PIANIST GERALD MARTIN MOORE. The reason why I'm capitalising  the pianist here is because, well, I didn't get to see much advertising about the concert (which is already bad by itself) and, basically, wherever there was any , the information given was only that we'd have a concert with the soprano Renée Fleming - as if she were singing a cappella, right? The wonderful PIANIST GERALD M. MOORE wasn't mentioned at all - in almost none of the flyers. I find it sad, for such a fact reminds me of a great 20th century pianist whose name is Gerald Moore - do pardon the punwise naming here - who once said he couldn't understand why pianists were overshadowed by the very singers they were playing with. And that nonsense behavior unfortunately lingers in the 21st century. While that is something I can only hope will change in time (and hopefully this text will make some people conscious of this scenery...), what's left to me now is congratulating the wonderful duo for their wunderschönes Konzert. Bravi!