Tuesday, 23 October 2012

When I'm using social networks I get to see many grammar/vocabulary/spelling mistakes. Sure enough, we do have a laugh at those mistakes sometimes, we talk to friends about them, but in fact, I do not enjoy putting people down for that - we all make mistakes (in fact, I might be making mistakes right now, as I write this post), be them small mistakes or big ones. But then, it does bother me when somebody does ALL of the following things:

- They write fround upon instead of frowned upon;
- They translate a text with the aid of Google translator and the result is awful (which is often resulting of the lame original writing piece);
- They introduce themselves over the internet as people who speak German, Portuguese, English and French (when I know they don't speak any of those and barely speak their native language...).

What annoys me here its NOT that they make mistakes when writing, but how arrogant they are when they want to get across that they're somebody else, in order to acquire social status. I LOVE languages, however, I don't believe people are worse or better than others because they speak either one or seven different languages. Maybe that's got to do with the growing importance of speaking foreign languages in the business world. There's a certain glamour to people who are bilingual, trilingual, etc. They're seen as beings who come from a different planet. Well, truth is that they're no aliens, but rather, they're people who have studied a lot in order to get that kind of knowledge. So, instead of spending your time trying to look better than the others (when in fact you're only embarrassing yourself), why not try to study a bit?!?!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

One of the greatest things about teaching/learning a foreign language is running into loads of cultural stuff, like this material I'm working on for my postgrad course - this is the 'Power of Words' section, where we're analysing advertising language, persuasion skills, general writing skills, and more... Watch the video to see how nice words can change your day. Thank you, Improv Everywhere guys!


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dear reader,

This is my first writing for this blog, which was created a few weeks ago and, due to my lack of time, had to be kept here waiting for a few lines which were soon to come.
I'd like to say that the sole reason for the creation of this blog was a man's urge to write. A need to express oneself, in a time when individual expression grows dull each day. In a time when, despite the massification of knowledge, people's thoughts tend to get lost in the vortex of a herd culture.
And to give my account of life, since I’m mentioning the herd culture subject, well, I can say I've never really felt as one of its members, and in fact, as I got older I realised I DID NOT want to be part of it (which is contrary to the feelings most of us have when we're teenagers, isn’t it?). Even so, I can’t say I AM NOT a part of it, for I think it’s been getting harder and harder for people to check out of the big society hotel and move to the cold, freezing streets of cultural expatriatism. And so, the option chosen by us in most of the cases is to open our wallets, pay for another night there and have a quiet night’s sleep in a warm and comfortable bed.
Sometimes I feel I’ve been opening my wallet too often though, or maybe I just haven't the the courage to face the cold outside. And at those moments when I’m sitting on my bed at a late hour, feeling nothing but powerlessness, all I got left are my thoughts…
My thoughts! And they are the source of my beliefs, my will to live and to change, my courage and my strength - not mine only, but everyone’s! For each person’s ideas, hopes, even fears are part of their unique identity. And that identity should never be lost, lest people become mere scarecrows in a cucumber field; the unobtrusive elephant in the herd.
No, I’m not and I DO NOT want to be the unnoticed elephant. And therefore I think… therefore I speak, I shout, I write. And the latter has always been my first and best choice whenever I wanted to express my thoughts. What about you? Do you also express your thoughts? How do you do it?